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levitas academy medical training courses
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Levitas Academy

Dive into our rich collection of interviews, enlightening podcasts, informative videos, and more. Each piece is designed to provide valuable insights, practical advice, and the latest movements in regenerative healthcare.

Staff at Levitas academy medical training courses

Series 1: Longevity and

Dental Health

Levitas Academy has recently lauched their medical educational podcast. 'Health Bites' was created from the need to increase the level of digestable information on longevity and human wellbeing, seeking to generate insights and tips for all of us to increase our quality of life. Hosted by Dr Ash Kapoor, an expert in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, the podcast aims to link a variety of important medical topics together by interviewing our knowledgeable guest speakers in an easy to digest style.

In this series, Dr Kapoor is joined by Oral Hygenist, Idalina Silva and together they explore the links between dental health and longevity medicine.


Ready to begin? Watch Episode 1: Intricacies of Oral Hygine with Dr Kapoor and Idalina Silva over on Youtube ➜

Interested in all of Series 1? Find the entire 'Health Bites' podcast on Youtube ➜

Dr Ash Kapoor: Forever Young- The Secrets Of Life


Dr Ash Kapoor, our leading clinician in ageing and longevity talks about the latest discoveries and learning that reveal the secrets of living a long and healthy life. If we understand what aging is then we can do something about it.


It's not sufficient to understand life through our organs and the big diseases that kill us - we have to know how the cells work, how they age and what goes wrong - herein lies the real secrets of life. He emphasizes the significance of understanding cellular ageing processes to effectively address longevity. Dr. Kapoor argues that by focusing on the health and maintenance of individual cells, then the tissues and organs will take care of themselves.


The secret? Watch the interview and discover why it's never too young and never too late ➜

Staff at Levitas academy medical training courses

Dr Ash Kapoor: Upgrade your health like you upgrade your smartphone

Dr. Ash Kapoor, our expert in human optimization, urges healthcare professionals to approach health management with the same enthusiasm as technology upgrades. He explores the transformative power of regenerative medicine in enhancing physical and mental health, blending traditional practices with cutting-edge biomedical advancements. This approach, he argues, is key to addressing complex health issues and improving overall wellness, offering insights valuable to doctors and clinicians.

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